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Suunto SS020674000 AMBIT3 PEAK BLACK (HR)

GPS Watch - Suunto


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Suunto SS020674000 AMBIT3 PEAK BLACK (HR)

The Suunto Ambit3 Peak is your ultimate GPS watch for sports and adventure. Connect your watch wirelessly to your iPhone and use the free Suunto Movescount App to adjust the watch on the go and visually enrich, relive and share your adventure. All you need for your outdoor activities - navigation, weather conditions, speed, heart rate and the other function for sports activities. The best choice for climbers, mountain guides, extreme athletes, backcountry skiers, hikers, triathletes, versatile athletes, ultra runners.
  • outdoor and multisport function: route navigation
  • compass
  • altitude (FusedAltiTM)
  • sunrise/sunset
  • temperature heart rate in swimming (with Suunto Smart Sensor)
  • activity based recovery time
  • speed, pace and distance
  • bike power support (Bluetooth Smart)
  • multiple sports in one log
  • training programs
  • growing feature set through Suunto Apps
  • backlight
  • conectivity: upload and share your moves instantly
  • customize your watch on the go
  • time and GPS satellite data up to date on the go
  • use your phone as second watch display (add an extended battery pack for your iPhone to support even longer adventures, see calls, messages and push notifications on the watch)


Product code 7443000074
Supplier code 7443000074
Material Polyamide
Glass Mineral crystal
Strap Elastomer
Backlight yes
GPS GPS watch with monitoring speed, distance, track
Height 0.61 inch (1.55 cm)
Weight 3.14 oz (1.426 kg)
Diameter 1.97 inch (5 cm)



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