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Shoe Care Products

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An effective boot and garment drying system Lenz SPACE DRYER 2.0. Dries shoes and ...
£ 36.99
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Teplous Footwear dryer VOT 230 is used mainly to dry or warm up shoes (ski boots, ...
£ 23.99
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The Lenz Space Warmer 1.0 is ideal for warming and drying boots and gloves. This is ...
£ 20.99
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The latest development inspired by carbon fiber technology in the field of ...
£ 14.99(20%) £ 11.99
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The latest innovation in high-performance waterproofers. A revolutionary technology ...
£ 10.99(9%) £ 9.99
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The Collonil PROTECTOR with NANO effect is suitable for all types of materials. ...
£ 4.99
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Shoe Care Products

Climate extremes across the country can take their toll on your new shoes. If you take pride in the appearance of your footwear, you'll understand the importance of taking proper care of your shoes. For peace-of-mind and protection from the elements, we highly recommend treating your footwear with the appropriate care products. In fact, we have products to repel and protect against just about anything Mother Nature cares to throw at your shoes. Special materials like suede, nubuck, patent leather, vinyl, canvas, cork and nylon all require special treatment. Footwear care products can protect against penetration of moisture, prevent materials from drying out and maintain the optimum breathability of materials in just about any type of footwear – including sandals. Caring for your footwear means that your much-loved footwear will maintain its original style and shape and provide you with years of comfort and enjoyment. Let Sportisimo guide you in properly caring for your footwear.