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Runto SPACE 650

Bottle (6752001053)


Runto SPACE 650

Say no to plastic bottles. After a long use, they can get smelly, crease and are difficult to drink from, not mentioning how harmful to the environment they are! Introducing the Runto RT-BOTTLE-SPACE. This new generation sports bottle is made of durable, BPA-free material!

Tritan is a new material that does not release any harmful matter into the liquid , does not smelllike standard PET bottles and is completely health-safe. Thanks to its positive properties, this material is often used in health care.

The RT-BOTTLE-SPACE can be used during any leisure time activity. The bottle is suitable for various activities such as cycling, inline skating, walks or picnics. The bottle has a practical loopfor easy attachment andsafety closurethat prevents spilling.

  • tested in the EU
  • durable bottle
  • anti-spill safety lid
  • practical loop


Number of article 6752001053
Product code RT-BOTTLE-SPACE-650-GREE
Volume 650 ml



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