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Women’s downhill ski boots


Code: 102761

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Colour: black (black / red / gold)
Inner shoe size: 26 CM
26 CM

£ 442.84 with VAT

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Downhill ski boots PURE PRO HEAT with built-in heating system Thermic that brings pleasant heat up on the slopes. Heating inserts with Merino wool lining have a built in batteries and control panel for the temperature regulation. You can choose from 4 heat modes through Bluetooth. Batteries can be charged with a USB cable that is part of the package. Adjustable skeleton flex allows to adjust the performance of the boots to every technique. Their Sensor Blade shell technology decreases the amount of material used, reducing weight and ensuring an incredibly effective transfer of energy into the skis. The boots are designed specifically for women’s feet to provide maximum comfort. Custom liner with merino wool insulation is thermoformable. Wool absorbs and maintained the produced heat which saves the battery.

  • indicated weight is for the boot size 24.5
  • battery life: low heat mode (17-19h), medium heat mode (8-9h), high heat mode (4-5h)


Product code 102761
Supplier code RBJ2200
Flex index 100
Boot width 100 mm
Canting yes
Technology Thermic, merino
Weight 4.498 lbs (2.042 kg)
Colour black, red, gold



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How to Choose Size



      A - foot length

      B - insole length

      C - 5 mm (0,20 inch)


When buying ski boots, choosing the right size is essential. Ski boots sizes are given in mondopoints, which is a FOOT LENGTH IN CM OR MM. Before choosing ski boots, we recommend you to measure your foot and add max. 0,5 cm (casual skiers). Performance-oriented skiers should choose boots which fit their foot perfectly. You should also be aware, that the inner liner will during use adjust to the shape of your foot and can slightly change its size (in mm). 






  • Use either a shoe box or any wall with a 90° angle.
  • Get a piece of paper or a cardboard, ruler and a pen.


What next?

  • Be sure to wear socks you will wear for skiing.
  • Step on the piece of paper and position your foot in a 90° angle to a wall or use a shoe box.
  • Use a ruler and a pen to draw a line right above your longest toe.
  • Measure the distance from the line to the wall.
  • Casual skiers should add max. 0,5 cm.
  • Choose size accordingly.


    A - length in centimetres (inch)

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