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Progress NORDIC LS-M

Men's functional T-shirt



Progress NORDIC LS-M

The Progress NODIC LS-M men’s T-shirt with long sleeves is made of a merino wool and polyester blend that feels amazing to the touch. Merino wool has excellent thermal properties. It keeps you warm or cools you depending on your current body temperature. It also prevents bad odours and retains its warming properties even when wet. Polyester promotes faster moisture-wicking and drying. All of this ensures 100 % comfort and protection from cold. And let’s not forget the T-shirt’s cool winter themed design.

  • made from a blend of functional fibres
  • excellent thermal regulation
  • extra soft to the touch
  • natural antibacterial properties
  • anatomical fit
  • flat seams
  • attractive design


Product code 1804000440
Supplier code 41NOSS2
Material 50 % Merino Wool, 50 % Polyester Silk
Technology Flat seams, MERINO WOOL
Colour dark blue, white

Used Technologies

Flat seams

A flat seam design ensures minimal irritation to the skin. 


Merino is one of the oldest and heaviest breed of sheep. Merino sheep distinctly differ from regular sheep that chew grass in lowlands. They live in demanding conditions of New Zealand's Southern ...



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Jaroslav Hrádek
18:44 31. 1. 2021

Size: L


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Progress NORDIC LS-M

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