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Progress CC TKR

Men's short sleeve functional T-shirt (1801000218)


Progress CC TKR

The Progress CC TKR men's functional T-shirt provides a maximum feeling of comfort and freshness due to the inclusion of a special Cocarber fibre. It is a top viscose fibre, which is enriched with coffee beans. As a result, the fabric uncompromisingly absorbs and neutralizes odours. It also has extraordinary antibacterial properties. Recycled coffee residues are used to produce this fibre so its production is environmentally friendly.

  • maximum feeling of comfort, freshness and high thermal insulation in cold weather
  • Cocarber top viscose fibre enriched with carbonised coffee beans absorbs and neutralises any odor
  • exceptional antibacterial properties
  • provides protection against UV radiation


Product code 1801000218
Supplier code 46CACC1
Material 40 % Acrylic, 37 % Viscose (Cocarber®),18 % Polyester, 5 % Elastane
Technology COCARBER®
Colour black, gold

Used Technologies


Cocarber® fibre is a premium viscose fibre enriched with carbonized coffee beans. It has excellent antibacterial properties, it is super absorbent, and neutralises bad odours, providing maximum ...



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