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Sports watch with GPS and heart rate monitor


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Polar VANTAGE V2 watch will help you find your true self. Watertight watch with a built-in GPS and functions such as heart rate monitor at the wrist, performance tests, and regeneration monitoring.

  • very practical function Energy cove tracker will show you when the effect of your training changes from fat burning to stamina building. It is a useful tool, especially for weight regulation
  • during warming phase, Zone Optimizer function will narrow down the TF zones according to your current shape in that moment. You can be always sure that you are exercising at the most precise intensity
  • training programs are suitable especially for better running and cycling exercises with interval training. Programs and adjusted to your specific needs and physical condition. You can update your goals every four weeks. The programs can be created at and downloaded to your Polar watch
  • easy, precise, and fast way to set maximum aerobic capacity (VO2max) of each person. Test is done in complete relaxation - it is not necessary to push a person to maximum to secure VO2max data. Based on the results, the person can be included into a performance group/level. It is important to follow the progress and adjust the activities accordingly.Nightly Recharge is an automatic night regeneration tracker that provides you with information about you regeneration levels and quality during sleep
  • Sleep Plus Stages provides complex analysis of your sleep, and tracks how much time you spend in specific sleep phases
  • Serene™ is a breathing exercise that will help you relax your body and mind
  • Polar database has more that 100 sports with specific data
  • thanks to the regeneration test, you will know whether you are ready for an intense workout within a couple of minutes without any additional equipment
  • size M/L: 155-210 mm


Product code 106316
Supplier code 90082710
Case material Aluminium
Strap material silicone
Battery 346 mAh baterie Li-pol. Battery life up to 40 hours in training mode (GPS and heart rate monitor at the wrist) or up to 7 days in smartwatch mode with 24/7 heart rate monitor on Several ways to save the energy.
Daily activity tracking yes
Heart rate monitor yes
Integrated GPS yes
Speed tracker yes
Track navigation yes
Interval training yes
Activity history on watch yes (Polar Flow platform)
Barometer yes
Compass yes
Altitude meter yes
Water resistance yes
Daily goal setting yes
Inactivity alert yes
Recovery time yes
Swimming heart rate monitor yes
Vibration yes
Smartphone notifications yes
NFC payments no
Battery condition indicator yes
Low power mode yes
Music no (only through smartphone)
Touch and/or button lock yes
Connectivity Bluetooth
Compatibility Android 4.3 or later, iOS 4 or later
Width 1.81 inch (4.6 cm)
Height 1.81 inch (4.6 cm)
Depth 0.51 inch (1.3 cm)
Weight 1.84 oz (835 g)
Colour black



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Size: M/L
Vyměnil jsem za “Véčka” první generace. Výjimečné sportovní hodinky / osobní trenér. Používám denně a převážně pro cyklistiku. Těším se až vyzkousim zlepšenou navigací oproti “V”. V2 mají měkčí chod tlačítek, takže pro jejich namáčknutí není třeba taková síla


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