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Northfinder GRANOK

Men's outdoor sweatshirt



Northfinder GRANOK

The Northfinder GRANOK men's outdoor sweatshirt is made of coarse fleece which will keep you perfectly warm even at extremely low temperatures. It is long lasting due to the reinforced sections which have been added and is primarily intended for outdoor activity as a jacket or a second layer.

  • laser cut technology
  • highly flexible fabric
  • gluing technology
  • Polartec & reg
  • Fleece 200
  • chest pocket
  • two front pockets
  • YKK & reg
  • zippers


Product code 1135019215
Supplier code MI3472PRO-269
Material 100 % polyester
Outside pocket 3 ( 2x side zipper, 1x chest zipper)
Technology Laser cutting, Critical seams taped, YKK zipper, Polartec
Colour black, white

Used Technologies

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a manufacturing process characterized by its extreme accuracy and attention to design details. This technology is used in selected models from the X3M, SII and SI collections.

Critical seams taped

The seams are the most delicate part on any garment, because even with a high water resistance feature, water can seep through the tiniest of spaces. To ensure maximum water resistance, all ...

YKK zipper

The high-quality, functional YKK zipper is known for its excellence in the manufacturing process, water resistance and reliability after extended use. 


Polartec is a functional material with excellent thermal insulation properties and high breathability. It provides comfort for various sporting activities, wicking moisture from the body; drying ...



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Kateřina Kocourková
21:52 27. 3. 2021

Size: XL


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