Kids’ leisure shoes (2234021895)



Kids’ shoes Nike AIR MAX EXCEE are inspired by original design. They are made from a blend of materials, including real and synthetic leather. Mesh increases breathability and suede provides a premium style. Features embodied details. Air Max part with soft foam is lightweight and comfortable.

  • breathable, durable upper
  • visible Max Air unit for cushioning
  • classic lacing
  • rubber outsole for better adhesion
  • durable and breathable upper made of a mixture of materials
  • Nike Air Max provides cushioning
  • rubber outsole for better grip
  • inspiration Air Max 90
  • elastic laces
  • durable, breathable upper
  • Nike Air Max midsole helps to absorb shocks
  • flexible rubber sole


Product code 2234021895
Supplier code CD6892-001
Upper mesh, combination of real and synthetic leather, suede
Midsole Nike Air Max
Outsole rubber
Technology Max Air
Collections Nike Air Max Excee
Colour black, white, gray

Used Technologies

Max Air

Max Air is part of the Nike Air family and is designed to provide maximum impact protection during repetitive landings. Shoes with Max Air technology feature less midsole material and a larger-volume ...


Nike Air Max Excee

Shoes from Nike Air Max Excee collection celebrate 30 years since introduction of a cult Nike Air Max 90 collection. The title EXCEE is a Latin numeral for "90". Nike Air unit in this collection can be seen through three windows.



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How to Choose Size



      A - foot length

      B - insole length

      C - 5 mm (0,20 inch)


When buying shoes, choosing the right size is essential. If you click on the size, top line will show you the size in other measurements. Different brands can use different sizing. Unfortunately, there isn’t any unified size chart. In our experience it is best to look at the measurements in centimetres – this measurement states RECCOMMENDED FOOT LENGTH for given size. However this measurement can differ item to item.

If your child‘s foot measures 17,8 cm, we recommend size EU 30, because the manufacturer already ensures wiggle room for the toes.






      A - length in centimetres (inch)



  • Use either a shoe box or any wall with a 90° angle.
  • Get a piece of paper or a cardboard, ruler and a pen.


What next?

  • Your child should wear its usual socks.
  • Let your child step on a piece of paper and position its heel in a 90° angle to a wall or use a shoe box.
  • Take the measurements either in the afternoon or in the evening. The foot gets slightly bigger after daily activities. We don’t recommend you to take measurements in the morning, because rested feet tend to be smaller.
  • Use a ruler and a pen to draw a line right above the longest toe. It’s quite normal if left foot’s and right foot’s length slightly differs. In such a case, choose a shoe size according to the larger foot.
  • Measure the distance from the line to the wall.
  • Choose size accordingly.
  • We don’t recommend to take measurements only with your finger at the child’s heel, because children have different sensitivity level and may have difficulties telling if the shoe is too tight for them.

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