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Mitas SCYLLA TD 29" x 2,25



Code: 7441007717

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Colour: black (black / white / red)
Size: 26

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Mitas SCYLLA TD 29" x 2,25

The Mitas SCYLLA TD 29in x 2.25 is good for medium difficulty terrains with harder surface. The structure ensures optimal adhesion. Ideal for most Cross Country tracks. The reinforced TEXTRA sides provide more durability without a weight increase.

  • CARBON RACE EXTREME LIGHT (CRX) - structural firmness, increased durability, great adhesion and traction - density 1,02 g/cm3 - mainly for racing


Product code 7441007717
Supplier code 5-10952735
TPI 127
Construction Tubeless Supra
Technologies TEXTRA
Weight 670 g
Technology TEXTRA
Colour black, white, red

Used Technologies


Very dense and extremely strong rubberised fabric placed on a sidewall and along the bead area. Its outstanding elasticity and almost negligible weight maintain excellent riding properties of the ...



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