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Laceto FLAKE

Children's ski goggles (8735004848)

Colour: black (black / yellow)
Size: UNI

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Laceto FLAKE

The Laceto FLAKE children's ski goggles will provide your children with all the comfort they need when snowboarding or skiing. Due to their universal frame, the goggles will fit on all children's helmets and their Super Anti-Fog and Flow Tech Venting system guarantee a perfectly clear view. The FLAKE ski goggles reflect most bright light which is great for skiing in higher alpine areas but also for ordinary recreational skiing. The icing on the cake of their comfort is the soft fleece layer around the goggles which won't create abrasions or unpleasant pressure marks on the skin. The goggles come with a microfibre cloth cover which can also be used to clean the lenses themselves.

  • the Flow Tech Venting system helps reduce fogging of the glass through ventilation holes in the frame
  • optimises airflow inside the goggles, giving the rider great vision while on the move
  • Super Anti-Fog is a special protective layer that together with the Flow Tech Venting system prevents fogging of the glass
  • Triple Layer Face Foam is a triple layer of foam that perfectly insulates and adds new comfort to the ride
  • together with the anti-fog system it creates a beautiful undistorted view that is worth trying out
  • great visibility
  • UV protection
  • solar filter of S2
  • adjustable strap length
  • it includes a microfibre fabric cover


Product code 8735004848
Supplier code LT-FLAKE
Lens gold REVO
Lens use sunny, cloudy
Light transmittance 18-43 % (S2)
Polarised lenses no
Colour black, yellow



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8:08 10. 12. 2020

Size: UNI


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