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Klimatex TEMBO

Children's functional thermal base layer



Klimatex TEMBO

The functional children's base layer Klimatex TEMBO comes in a modern and seamless design. The seamless technology minimises the number of seams and thus eliminates skin irritation. The pattern isn't printed but is knitted using special machines. The fabric is ideal for increased physical activity and it helps maintain optimal skin temperature, eliminating temperature fluctuations during alternating periods of exercise and rest (eg. between the active phase of skiing and then the passive phase on the ski lift). It stops you from getting cold.

  • made in Europe
  • seamless design
  • a light and compact product that fits like a second skin
  • the reinforced ribbed structure at the waist replaces a classic elastic band and is comfortable to wear, it doesn't restrict movement
  • ideal as a base layer for winter sports and hiking in colder weather, great to wear in sleeping bags on summer camps and school trips
  • ideal for combining with the MORAMBO tee


Product code 1818000035
Supplier code TEMBO-610
Material 72 % polyester, 21 % polyamide, 7 % elastane
Colour yellow



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Klimatex TEMBO

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