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Choosing Support

Sports bras can be divided into several categories depending on their level of support. Different bra types are worn for pilates and yoga, while different ones are more suitable for biking or running, which require high level of support. Our catalogue divides bras into three categories – low support, medium support and high support.

Levels of support for various types of sports activities

To provide you with an overview, we created this table with various sports and corresponding support levels.


  • LS - light support
  • MS - medium support
  • HS - high support
   XS  S  M  L  XL
  Yoga  LS LS LS HS


  Pilates LS LS MS HS HS
  Rowing LS LS MS HS HS
  Cycling LS LS MS HS HS
  Skiing  MS MS MS HS HS
  Circle training MS MS HS HS HS
  Tennis MS MS HS HS HS
  Dance MS MS HS HS HS
  Team sports MS HS HS HS HS
  Horse riding MS HS HS HS HS
  Running  HS HS HS HS HS

Low support

Bras with low support are suitable for yoga and pilates and other slow tempo activities.  The bras are predominantly made of a thinner and less firm material without an underwire construction and with thin straps.

Medium support

Medium support is suitable for fitbox, bosa, flowing, TRX and similar sports. In comparison to bras with low support, these bras are more padded with a thicker material.

High support

Bras with high level of support are suitable for running, jumping, insanity workout, aerobic and similar fast activities with jumping and high tempo. These bras are usually reinforced with soft underwire construction and wide straps.