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Choosing Shin Pads

Let’s look at selecting the right size of shin pads. Without the right size, you will not get optimal protection of your knees.


Shin pads are divided into three categories – senior shin pads (for adults), junior shin pads, and youth shin pads. The shin pads as sized from 7 up to 18, which marks the length (in inches) from the end of the ankle (top of the skate boot) to the centre of the knee. If you get a chance to buy shin pads in a store, try putting them on and kneel – they should not feel uncomfortable and feel too tight.


There are several factors that may influence the size. If you can’t decide between two sizes, it is recommended that attackers opt for smaller size, while the defenders may afford larger size. You should also select smaller size if you are purchasing shin pads that are to be tucked under the skate boot’s tongue.

Taking measurements