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Cross-Country Ski Bindings

Luckily, the days of simple old-school bindings are far behind us. Thanks to technological advances, skiers can appreciate safe and comfortable bindings allowing uncomparably better contact between the boot and ski, which enables better manipulation. Nowadays the market offers two comparable systems and their newest alternatives. 

New Nordic Norm Bindings (NNN) 

Rottofella bindings with one bar and two ridges. A touring design features a step-in construction, which can be automatically released using a pole. Performance category is equipped manual bindings. There are differences in bindings for universal use and special bindings for classic or skate style, which differ in hardness of the rubber flexor in the front. The ridges running lengthwise keep the boot in its place and allow for perfect control.


NNN Ski Bindings

Salomon Nordic System Bindings (SNS)

Step-in Salomon bindings with a bar and one ridge running along the binding. There are several variations on the market ranging from universal bindings over classic to skate style bindings. Various type differ in hardness of the rubber flexor in the front, which ensures that the boot returns to its original position and prevents from excessive movements. Wide ridge makes cleaning easier. 


SNS Bindings

Nordic Integrated System Racing Bindings (NIS)

Rottofella bindings designed for racing. The bindings consist of a board mounted on the ski and the binding itself, which can be clicked onto the board without using any screws. The bindings ensure the tightest contact between the boot and the ski and allows for perfect control. The system is compatible with all boots with the NNN system. 

SNS Pilot Skate / SNS Pilot Classic Racing and Sport Bindings

Salomon bindings designed for classic and skate style feature a unique system of two bars, which allows not only for better contact between the boot and the ski, but also for better control of the ski. 


SNS Pilot Bindings