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Hannah GEEK

Sleeping bag



Hannah GEEK

Mummy sleeping bag of the brand Hannah GEEK filled with siliconized hollow fiber in its "camouflage" print.
  • single-layer structure, inner pocket, one hand operable hood, open hood, double-sided zipper,loops for hanging, compression sack


Product code 3211047321
Supplier code GEEK
Outer material 190T polyester
Inner material 88x64 polyester
Temperature limit 3 deg.
Standard EN 13537
Width 31.5 inch (80.01 cm)
Length 86.61 inch (219.99 cm)
Weight 2.646 lbs (1.201 kg)
Width after packaging 7.87 inch (19.99 cm)
Length after packaging 14.57 inch (37.01 cm)
Side left
Colour brown, orange



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Length: 220 CM


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Since 2002, countries of the European Union use a European standard EN 13537 as an indicator of temperature ratings of sleeping bags.

The standard sets material requirements, both surface and filling materials, and specifies concrete demands including hygienic requirements. The standard predominantly deals with thermal insulating properties of the sleeping bags.

The standard is only of a recommending character and the manufacturer isn’t obliged to test these properties.


  • the test is carried out using thermic figurine named Charlie, which is dressed in a tracksuit and knee-high socks
  • the figurine is covered with several sensors, which measure the temperature inside of the sleeping bag
  • the sleeping bag is lying on an artificial ground which simulates surrounding environment, the difference between the temperature of the figurine and the temperature of the surrounding air is at least 15°C while the air humidity is 65/
  • air humidity is 65%
  • Charlie was created in TZÚ in Brno, Czech Republic, and calibrated according to reference samples in cooperation with IFTH France
  • measured values and recommendations on the temperature scope can vary depending on the user’s preferences

Thermal insulating properties of the sleeping bag change according to the surrounding environment and the person’s clothing. It’s presumed, that certain circumstances can negatively affect the properties of the sleeping bag, for example in a case of high air humidity. It should be remembered, that the values are always meant for sleeping inside of a tent and on a corresponding mat.

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