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The Select SOLERA is good for trainings. It is made of soft, durable synthetic ...
£ 40.99(29%) £ 28.99
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The Select HB NOVA is developed for trainings and matches. The ball offers a soft ...
£ 28.99(37%) £ 17.99
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The Select ULTIMATE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is an official match ball for the Champions ...
£ 31.99(9%) £ 28.99
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The Molten HX3200 is a handball of the highest quality. The surface is made of a ...
£ 36.99(21%) £ 28.99
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The Select SOLERA is popular, hand-sewn training ball. The ball feels really great in ...
£ 34.99(60%) £ 13.99
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The Select MUNDO is made of synthetic leather. Patented Zero-Wing bladder. The grip ...
£ 25.99(30%) £ 17.99
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The Molten HX1800 designed for handball. Traditionally sewn. Approved for ...
£ 23.99(25%) £ 17.99
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The Molten HX2200 is designed for indoor matches. Approved for official matches. ...
£ 24.99(28%) £ 17.99
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The Select FOAM BALL KIDS IV features a safe material and is perfect for any surface.
£ 8.99
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The Kensis KP-4 will protect your knees from injury and abrasion. Designed for ...
£ 9.99
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Handball has been a popular European indoor team sport played since the early 1900's. We stock a wide range of shoes with non-marking indoor soles specially designed for handball play, apparel, protective gear, quality handballs and equipment bags. If handball is your game, take a look at our vast selection at one of our retail shops or here on our e-shop.