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Goal Zero

Goal Zero NOMAD 20

Solar panel


Code: 107884

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Goal Zero NOMAD 20

Lightweigt and portable solar panel Goal Zero NOMAD 10 is intended mainly for charging small electronic devices while travelling, outdoors, or anywhere where it is difficult to get access to electricity. Panel can be mounted to a backpack and charged with powerbank while walking. Optimal positioning is perpendicularly to the sun using adjustable stand. Monocrystalline panel handles charging the electronic devices directly from the solar power. It is recommended to first charge the Goal Power powerbank (not included) and then charge the devices with the powerbank. Solar panel features a Flip powerbank handle but is compatible with other USB powerbanks. 8mm charging cable allows chaining. Auto-restart technology resumes charging automatically in case the solar panel gets disconnected due to low light. Panel is water, snow, and mechanical damage resistant.

  • folded measurements: 29.2 x 19 x 3.2 cm
  • Outputs - USB port: 5 V, up to 2,1A (10,5 W max), 8 mm: 14 - 22V, up to 1.3A (20W max)
  • chaining option (recommended up to 4)


Product code 107884
Supplier code 107884
Type monocrystalline
Performance 18-22 V/20 W
Width 21.77 inch (55.3 cm)
Height 11.5 inch (29.21 cm)
Depth 0.75 inch (1.91 cm)
Weight 2.271 lbs (1.031 kg)



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