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Women's Swix X-Country Ski Paraffin Wax

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Designed for Nordic skis with a kick pattern. Universal solution to clean the ski ...
The Swix CH07X-6 is an improved wax suitable for regular freezing winter conditions. ...
£ 8.49(1%) £ 8.36
High quality Swix F4 ski wax with fluoride for all types of skis and snowboards. For ...
£ 10.91
Paraffin Swix CH12 COMBI contains: 20g of CH6 blue, 20g of CH7 purple, and 20g of CH8 ...
The Swix U60 universal hydrocarbon wax for all skis and snowboards.
£ 5.11
The Swix LF7 (-2°C to -8°C) is an excellent racing wax for low temperatures. In such ...
The Swix LF12X COMBI contains: LF6X blue 20 g, LF7X purple 20 g and LF8X red 20 g.