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Bauer VAPOR X 700 LITE SR 77 R P92

Hockey stick


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Bauer VAPOR X 700 LITE SR 77 R P92

The Bauer VAPOR X 700 LITE Grip-S18 is a composite model designed for semi-professional players and demanding amateurs. It offers excellent control over your game. The double blade core density eliminates vibrations and improves balance and sensitivity. The blade is covered with the patented BimaX 3K carbon material for durability. Featuring Pure Shot Blade Profile for connecting the shaft and blade. The Bauer QRT technology improved the shaft design. The new Max Balance brings edges reinforced carbon fibres. This lowers weight without compromising durability. The double concave walls provide a better grip and the Griptac surface has anti-slip properties. With a new shaft shape Micro Feel II for better control.
  • double blade core density
  • 3K carbon
  • Pure Shot Blade Profile
  • QRT technology
  • Max Balance
  • anti-slip grip
  • low flex point


Product code 8521045024
Supplier code 15206-R-P92
Material composite
Hardness 77
Blade blade covered with the patented BimaX 3K carbon material
Side right arm down
Colour black, red



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How to Choose a Hockey Stick

There are two options for choosing the right length:

  • If you measure the stick without your skates on, the stick should reach your nose.
  • If you measure with your skates on, the stick should reach the level of your chin.

This is enough to choose the optimal length of your stick. Advanced players choose length individually depending on their demands and experience. Strikers usually prefer shorter sticks, which allow for faster manipulation with pucks and make things easier for technical players. Defenders, on the other hand, mostly use longer sticks which are better for defending and allow for energetic shots.

Choosing a side:

















                               A - right                                          B - left

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Bauer VAPOR X 700 LITE SR 77 R P92

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