Important: Due to the end of the transitional period after Brexit, we will not be delivering to the Great Britain from 17.12.2020.


We're a growing family of regular citizens devoted to athletic pursuits of all kinds. We work hard and play harder. Our family is a mix of loyal staff and customers that form the Sportisimo community; each member sharing their stories and achievements with each other and the greater global community, thus carving their names in the our history books. For that very reason, we'd like to invite more citizens of the world into the fold, and so was launched to realize that goal.


From our humble beginnings in the Czech Republic back in 1999 and the opening of our first retail location in 2001 in Prague, our family of retail stores has grown to over 176 and counting. In 2015, Sportisimo was awarded the distinction of 'Retailer of The Year' for the fifth consecutive year in the category of 'Top sportswear and sports equipment retailer'. We're motivated enough to present the best selection of sports gear throughout the continent. We've been supporting athletes in achieving their goals for the past 16 years. In essence, we're here to support you. The question is, do you have the motivation to reach your own goals? Are you willing to accept the challenge?


Whatever your passion, let's do this together.


We push you to be your best! We sell gear, for sports, all kinds of it. We can provide advice, for athletes, all kinds of it. We'd like to use all this gear to support athletes at all skill levels to help them achieve their goals. It's not about where you are right now, it's more about where you want to be tomorrow. We've created the backdrop for your success with the gear to help get you there. It's all in the mind - if you believe in your dream, you can make it happen.


Conscientiously and responsibly! We have teams of experts and lots of them, filled with people that love what they do; people that know what it means to play. Our experts have a lot of experience in working with, and selecting, sports equipment. Many of them are currently active members of numerous National Teams. If they choose the gear and choose to play their game with it, then it must be good. Sounds like a nod of approval. Whether you're starting out in a sport or a regular adrenaline hound, we're behind you - literally! Because when we're not at work, we're out there next to you following our own dreams. And we're making it happen too.


Why else would we do this? Because we love sports and we love hearing your success stories, period!  It's all about a passion for sport and feeling like you're on top of the world.


We believe in you and we care about your personal goals. We believe that there's more to life than sitting behind a desk. Mother Nature is calling ladies and gentlemen!

Get out there and enjoy it. You can be a weekend warrior, a captain of your football side, a coach, a rookie or a pro. Whatever your excuse is, get out there and be the best you can be. If we can help in any way, we'd love the opportunity to help make that experience one to remember. Cheers!


You could become part of an exceptional team, and even better, a part of our Sportisimo family. We share the same passion for sport, the same goals – to raise the bar together in everything that we do. We've all made a commitment and stand behind our philosophy. We believe in what we do and have an even greater passion for practicing what we preach. We're athletes on a mission to spread good will through sport.

Are you our next Ambassador of sport?

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